LEGO Fortnite Gets Cozy and Wild with New Update!

Get ready to explore two brand new ways to play your favorite brick-based survival adventure with the arrival of update v30.10 on June 13th! Whether you crave a relaxed building experience or relish a hardcore challenge, this update caters to all players.

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Embrace the Cozy Life

Newcomers and builders rejoice! LEGO Fortnite Cozy Mode offers a laid-back introduction to the world of LEGO Fortnite v30.10. Here, you’ll encounter friendly guidance from Slumber, a helpful companion who assists you on your journey.

Combat is toned down to an easy setting, while survival elements like hunger, temperature, and stamina are completely disabled. This creates a stress-free environment where you can focus on unleashing your creativity and constructing elaborate LEGO masterpieces.

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Test Your Mettle in Expert Mode

Are you a seasoned survivor seeking a more thrilling experience? Dive into the treacherous world of LEGO Fortnite Expert Mode! Here, danger lurks around every corner. Brace yourself for Storm-Wild enemies. These ferocious creatures are stronger, faster, and deal more damage than their regular counterparts.

To truly conquer Expert Mode, you’ll need to master combat and resource management. But beware, the stakes are high! Losing all your hearts in Expert Mode results in permanent elimination from that world.

The Power of the Totem

Don’t fret, courageous adventurers! A glimmer of hope exists in the form of the Totem of Return. Craft this valuable item using Storm Cores, obtained by defeating Storm-Wild enemies. Equipping the Totem grants you a single chance to revive in your bed upon losing all your hearts. Remember, this life-saving tool comes at a cost, the Totem shatters upon use.

Expert Mode Trophies: A Mark of Bravery

Conquer the challenges of Expert Mode and be rewarded with prestigious trophies! Each biome boasts a unique trophy, earned by defeating a specific Storm-Wild Brute and interacting with a high-level village. These trophies serve as testaments to your exceptional skills and unwavering determination.

Additional Improvements and Bug Fixes

v30.10 brings improvements and bug fixes to enhance your LEGO Fortnite experience. The update clarifies the reasons behind high complexity warnings, allowing you to optimize your world for smoother gameplay. Additionally, various balance adjustments and bug fixes address villager behavior, resource distribution, and animal AI.

Express Yourself with More LEGO Styles!

This update isn’t just about gameplay, it’s about style too! v30.10 expands the collection of LEGO Styles for a variety of popular outfits. If you own these outfits, the corresponding LEGO Styles will be automatically added to your Locker, giving you even more ways to personalize your look.

Dive into LEGO Fortnite v30.10 on June 13th and discover a world of cozy creation or thrilling expert-level challenges!

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