Grace Charis Age: How Old He Is? Everything You Need To Know About A Golf, Fashion, and Social Media Star

Grace Charis Age
21 years old as of 2024

Grace Charis Age

In the fast-paced world of social media, Grace Charis stands out as a beacon of inspiration and creativity. Grace Charis age is 21 years old as of 2024 and she was born on November 21, 2002, under the sign of Scorpio. Grace has captured the hearts of millions with her captivating content and entrepreneurial spirit. As a golf influencer and Instagram model, she has carved out a unique niche for herself, showcasing her talent and passion for the game to a global audience.

Grace’s journey into the world of TikTok began in 2022, where she quickly gained a massive following due to her engaging personality and relatable content. Her dedication to her craft and commitment to authenticity have endeared her to fans worldwide. Beyond her social media presence, Grace is also known for her entrepreneurial endeavors, demonstrating a keen business acumen that sets her apart in the digital landscape.

Join us as we explore the multifaceted world of Grace Charis, delving into her personal life, career achievements, and the impact she has made on the world of social media and beyond.

Grace Charis age

Grace Charis age

Grace Charis, born on November 21, 2002, is a vibrant 21-year-old as of 2024 whose passion for golf and social media has captured the hearts of many. Under the Scorpio zodiac sign, known for its intense and determined nature, Grace embodies these qualities both on and off the golf course. Her journey into the world of golf began at a young age, and her dedication and talent have propelled her to success in the sport.

Beyond her golfing achievements, Grace has also made a name for herself as a social media sensation. With a large following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, she shares her life, hobbies, and golfing adventures with her fans, showcasing her unique blend of skills and interests. Grace’s charisma and authenticity have endeared her to many, making her a role model for aspiring golfers and social media influencers alike.

Who is Grace Charis?

Grace Charis is a multi-talented individual who has garnered fame for her prowess in golf and her captivating presence on social media. Born in Newport Beach, California, on November 21, 2002, Grace has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of sports and entertainment. Her engaging golf videos and lifestyle content have garnered her a large following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where she shares glimpses of her life, hobbies, and golfing adventures.

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Beyond her achievements in golf, Grace is also recognized for her entrepreneurial ventures and modeling endeavors, showcasing a diverse range of talents and interests. Her unique blend of skills has set her apart as a multifaceted personality, admired by fans worldwide for her passion, charisma, and creativity.

Grace Charis Bio Summary

Full/Real name Grace Charis Smith
NicknameGrace Charis 
Birth date November 21, 2002
BirthplaceNewport Beach, California, United States
Current residenceNewport Beach, California, United States
Age (As of 2024)21 years old
Zodiac SignScorpio
Ethnicity White
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherRobert Smith 
MotherCassandra Smith 
SiblingsRyan Smith
Marital statusSingle
School Raffles Girls School 
Education(University)Singapore Management University (Business Management) 
ProfessionGolf player, influencer, model, entrepreneur
Net worthBetween $1 million to $2 million

Grace Charis Real name, parents, siblings and early life

Grace Charis Real name, parents, siblings and early life

Grace Charis Smith, known professionally as Grace Charis, was born and raised in Newport Beach, California. She comes from a loving family, with her parents, Cassandra Smith and Robert Smith, being supportive of her endeavors in golf, social media, and business. Grace also has a close relationship with her brother, Ryan Smith.

Grace discovered her passion for golf at the young age of seven and quickly excelled in the sport. By the time she was 14, Grace had joined the Singapore National Golf Team, showcasing her dedication and talent. Her early achievements paved the way for a successful golfing career, culminating in her recognition as the Rookie of the Year by the Women’s Professional Golf Association in 2016.

Grace Charis Height, Weight And Other Features

Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Height5’6″ (167 cm)
Weight55 kg (119 lbs)
Measurements34-26-35 inches (86-66-89 cm)
Shoe Size6 (U.S)

Grace Charis possesses striking blue eyes and luscious blonde hair, complementing her captivating presence. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall, she has a slender physique, weighing 55 kilograms (119 pounds). Her measurements are 34-26-35 inches (86-66-89 cm), accentuating her elegant figure. Grace wears a shoe size of 6 in the U.S. These physical attributes contribute to her overall allure and charm, both on and off the golf course.

Grace Charis Education

Grace Charis Education

While Grace Charis’ current achievements are widely celebrated, her educational background is a key aspect of her journey that is often overlooked. Education plays a crucial role in shaping individuals, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate life and career challenges.

Despite the lack of specific details about Grace’s education, it is evident that her path to success began early in life, likely nurtured by a supportive academic environment. Her story serves as an inspiration for young people, highlighting the importance of education as a foundation for achieving one’s dreams.

For those looking to follow in Grace’s footsteps, her journey underscores the value of lifelong learning. Whether through formal education or self-directed study, fostering a passion for learning and continuously improving one’s skills is key to achieving success in any field.

Grace Charis Golf Career

Grace Charis Golf Career

Grace Charis has a strong golf career, starting from a young age and turning professional after completing school. Her talent and dedication to the sport were recognized in 2016 when she was named Rookie of the Year by the Women’s Professional Golf Association.

Recently, Grace attended the 2023 Ryder Cup Experience at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in Italy, showcasing her continued involvement in the golfing world. She also contributes to popular magazines such as Golf Digest and Golf World, further establishing her presence in the golf community.

Additionally, Grace has been featured on the golfer show CelebriTee Showdown on Twitch Sports, highlighting her growing influence and recognition in the golfing industry.

Grace Charis Modeling Career

Grace Charis Modeling Career

Grace Charis’s modeling career has become intertwined with her golfing, leading her to be recognized as a fashion icon on the golf course. Her style and grace have drawn comparisons to fellow golfer and fashion influencer Paige Spiranac. Grace’s ability to blend fashion and sport has garnered attention and admiration, further solidifying her status as a multifaceted talent in the world of sports and fashion.

Grace Charis Social Media Career

Grace Charis Social Media Career

Grace Charis rose to fame as an internet sensation, gaining attention for her golf-themed photos. She capitalized on this by becoming a social media influencer, regularly posting golf-themed content on Instagram and later expanding to TikTok. With 2.9 million followers on TikTok and over 1.7 million on Instagram, Grace has successfully marketed her brand and secured endorsement deals with luxury brands like Adidas, Nike, and Estee Lauder.

In addition to her social media success, Grace has ventured into entrepreneurship, starting a website where she sells cosmetics and accessories for luxury brands. She also has an OnlyFans page where she shares explicit content for subscribers.

Despite her rising popularity, Grace remains grounded and uses her platform to advocate for mental health awareness. She works with organizations like the National Mental Health Association and the PGA Tour Mental Health Program to address issues like anxiety and depression.

Grace Charis Merchandise and Exclusive Content

Grace Charis Merchandise and Exclusive Content

Grace Charis has created a way for her fans to show their support and connect with her brand by offering merchandise through her Instagram account. This not only allows her followers to feel more connected to her but also serves as a testament to her influence and popularity in the world of social media. Additionally, Grace maintains an OnlyFans account, where she provides exclusive content to her dedicated followers. This platform allows her fans to get a more intimate glimpse into her life beyond what is shown in public, further strengthening her bond with her audience.

Through these ventures, Grace continues to expand her reach and influence, showcasing her versatility as a personality in the realms of sports, social media, and entrepreneurship. Her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level and offer them unique experiences sets her apart in the digital landscape. Grace’s commitment to providing quality content and engaging with her fans has solidified her status as a multifaceted personality, with a growing presence and impact in the digital world.

Grace Charis Relationship Status (Husband and Boyfriend)

Grace Charis Relationship Status (Husband and Boyfriend)

Grace Charis keeps her personal life private, leaving fans to wonder about her relationship status. Whether she is in a committed relationship or navigating the single life, one can imagine the support and understanding required from a partner as she juggles her demanding career in content creation, modeling, and golf.

If Grace is in a relationship, her partner would likely need to match her boundless energy, unwavering ambition, and captivating spirit. On the other hand, if she is single, one can’t help but wonder about the qualities she might seek in an ideal partner.

Regardless of her relationship status, Grace’s dedication to her career is evident. Her commitment to personal growth and professional excellence shines through in all aspects of her life, making her a role model for many.

Grace Charis net worth

Grace Charis net worth

According to sources such as Sportskeeda and The US Sun, Grace Charis’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million. This estimation takes into account her earnings from her golfing career, social media presence, and any entrepreneurial ventures she may be involved in. As a successful influencer and entrepreneur, Grace has likely built a diverse portfolio of income streams, contributing to her impressive net worth.

Grace Charis earns royalties from OnlyFans, a popular adult content subscription service, where she charges between $9.99 and $49.99 monthly. Additionally, she generates between $39,000 and $623,200 annually from her YouTube channel.

How does Grace Charis make money?

Grace Charis generates income through various channels, primarily through advertising revenue, brand endorsements, and sponsorships. Her collaborations with renowned brands like Adidas, Titleist, Nike, Callaway Golf, and American Eagle have significantly contributed to her earnings.

Her large and engaged social media following is a key factor in her revenue streams. With over 2.9 million followers on TikTok (@graceeecharisss), more than 1.28 million subscribers on YouTube (@gracecharisxo), and over 2.9 million followers on Instagram (@itsgracecharis), Grace has a substantial audience that brands are eager to reach.

Additionally, Grace monetizes her content through her OnlyFans account (@gracecharisxo), where she earns from paid memberships and tips. Despite the challenges of monetizing content as a golf influencer, Grace focuses on creating high-quality, authentic content that resonates with her audience, helping her stand out in the industry.

Impact and Legacy

Grace Charis has made a significant impact in the worlds of golf and social media, serving as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and influencers. Her journey exemplifies the power of passion, dedication, and innovation in achieving success. By seamlessly navigating the digital landscape and connecting with her audience on a personal level, Grace has carved a unique path for herself.

As Grace continues to evolve and thrive in her career, she remains a trailblazer, inspiring others to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination. Her legacy will be one of empowerment and inspiration, showing that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.

Amazing Facts about Grace Charis

Amazing Facts about Grace Charis
  • Grace Charis has a deep-rooted love for fashion and style, evident in her impeccable sense of fashion showcased on her Instagram posts.
  • She is actively involved with various charitable organizations, demonstrating her philanthropic heart and commitment to giving back.
  • Grace is a seasoned traveler, having explored diverse cultures and landscapes around the world, which has contributed to her well-rounded perspective on life.
  • Her passion for cuisine is evident, as she enjoys experimenting with new recipes and indulging in local delicacies during her travels.
  • Grace maintains her toned physique and athletic prowess through a dedicated fitness regimen, embracing a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Grace Charis Social Media Accounts

Grace Charis Social Media Accounts
FacebookGrace Charis26,000

Grace Charis has cultivated a significant following across various social media platforms, with millions of dedicated fans eagerly consuming her content. Her Instagram account, @itsgracecharis, boasts 1.7 million followers, offering a visually stunning glimpse into her life and passions. On Facebook, Grace Charis engages with 26,000 followers, sharing updates and insights. Her TikTok presence, @graceeecharisss, is particularly strong, with 2.9 million followers enjoying her creative and engaging videos. Twitter provides another platform for Grace’s voice, where she connects with 695,000 followers. Additionally, Grace’s YouTube channel, @GraceCharisxo, has amassed 818,000 subscribers, who tune in for her captivating videos. Through these platforms, Grace Charis continues to inspire and entertain her audience, inviting them to join her on her exciting journey.


Grace Charis, born on November 21, 2002, in Newport Beach, California, is a talented golfer and social media influencer. Her journey began at a young age, and by 14, she had joined the Singapore National Golf Team. In 2016, she was named Rookie of the Year by the Women’s Professional Golf Association. Grace’s success extends beyond golf; she has also made a name for herself in the world of social media, with millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Despite her young age, Grace is also involved in philanthropic efforts, supporting various charitable organizations. She is known for her fashion sense and has been compared to fellow golfer and fashion icon Paige Spiranac. Grace’s influence and impact continue to grow, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in both sports and social media.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1.Who is Grace Charis?

Grace Charis is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and TikTok golf star with over 1.9 million Instagram followers and approximately 2.9 million on TikTok. Born in Newport Beach, California, she has become a well-known internet personality in recent years.

2. How old is Grace Charis the golfer?

Grace Charis was born in Newport Beach, California, United States. She has not disclosed her exact date of birth, so her age is not publicly known. However, she has achieved significant success in her golfing career, becoming a prominent figure in the sport.

3. What is Grace Charis’s religion?

Grace Charis’s religion is Christianity. She has shared details about her conversion to Christianity and her call to ministry in her biography.

4. How much does Grace Charis weigh?

Grace Charis is 5 feet 6 inches (168 centimeters) tall and weighs approximately 121 pounds (55 kilograms). She has a stunning appearance and a model-like physique, with body measurements of 34-26-35.

5. What is Grace Charis’s handicap?

Grace Charis’s handicap is 12.

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Grace Charis Age

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