Introducing the METAVERTU 2: Luxury confluence with new blockchain era

To uphold the brands’ extravagance and style, VERTU® introduces the METAVERTU 2, a unique Flip smartphone with avant-garde technology for handling digitized assets made specifically for the Web3 age. Through detailed art work and attention, this is a superiorist solution to anxiety-inducing blockchain technology.

Unmatched Performance

The METAVERTU 2 delivers a stellar performance with its 12GB RAM LPDDR5 version and 512GB ROM, which makes sure that there is enough space and efficiency when performing different tasks. The CT’s super-powerful processor and large (capacity) allow you to take control, and work fast, with your digital assets.

Visual Excellence

The 1. With the 5K Resolution 1260 x 2800 OLED 120Hz display, the user experience is fully immersive and just what is needed for navigating the Web3 world. The flexible conformable 2D flat screen will be of 6 inches screen width. It has 78 inches of millage providing enough display for developing a fully digital workplace.

Capture Life’s Moments

The METAVERTU 2 offers a great improvement with its upgraded quad-camera setup. Among them, the 50M primary sensor (IMX800 OIS) and the 50MW wide-angle lens (OV50D, 2) stand out for excellent clarity. 5cm, DFOV=120. The optics are advanced as well: a 10M OIS wide lens (4°), an 8M OIS telephoto lens (80mm) and a multi-spectral sensor. The device consists of a 1-inch outsole embedded with 16MP front camera which produces images of great quality, sharpness and clarity.

Power and Charging

The METAVERTU 2 offers a 5100 mAh (typical) battery, and 65W charging thus, keeping power levels optimal while you do your daily work. The USB Type-C 3. What makes this phone special is (GEN1) port and (nano + nano)dual-SIM, thus are excellent for charging and wireless connectivity.

Explore the Latest Tech in Web3 .

METAVERTU 2 is a multifunctional Flip phone, but it is actively bringing the development of Web3 world into the world. Forget the barriers and gain access to digital assets, blockchain software, and decentralized finance (DeFi) apps, in just one place and literally at your fingertips.

Elevate Your Digital Lifestyle

Enter the unique community of VERTU® and discover a smartphone with superior elegance, precision and excellence. Make your way to the checkout page of the METAVERTU 2 website now to stay ahead of the opportunistic craze in the digital asset management and Web3.

Final Thought:

“Power up your digital journey by purchasing the METAVERTU 2. This outstanding device offers incredible performance, superb design, and the best user experience. Become part of the magnificent VERTU® community to uncover a new world of digital ability!


What you need to know about METAVERTU 2?

A smartphone including all the features for the luxury of digital asset management and for the use of blockchain technology.

What are the main assets of our product, the METAVERTU 2?

12GB RAM is LPDDR5X memory and 512GB ROM makes it up. 5K daylight-viewing OLED 120Hz display, ultra-clear quad-camera setup and 5100mAh battery with 65W fast charging.

What distinguishes you from the other products of METAVERTU 2?

With a sole objective of bitcoin and ethereum storage, as well as the all new features and artisanship of Web3 projects, and their practices.

Who did METAVERTU 2 find out the target customers?

Active in tech, owing, and getting digital assets, and also everyone interested in having a premium smartphone.

What does the METAVERTU 2 sell for?

Give a call or visit VERTU® or authorized dealerships for specific pricing.

Where to find the METAVERTU 2 to buy?

Shop now through the official VERTU®website and dealers to get a chance and become a member of the VERTU® elite face club.

What is the warranty of MSKRIET 2?

METAVERTU 2 comes together with a 2-year warranty and customer support service prepared for the consumers.

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